Working together so that everyone has the same choices and chances in our community

About us

Oasis Belgium is part of a worldwide family of organisations, working to help the most marginalised to find community, choice and hope. Oasis is a Christian organisation motivated by the belief everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.


Oasis around the world


Oasis works in ten countries; UK, Belgium, South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Zimbabwe, India, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and USA. We work with street children, gang members, schools in underpriviledged areas, trafficked people and those who are HIV positive.

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Our projects


In Belgium, Oasis has two projects, in one we work alongside Thai women in difficult situations, helping them to learn Dutch, and connect with opportunities in the Belgian system to find work. In the other project we work for the benefit of young children living on the streets, in squats or in difficult circumstances.